Help! Wrist pin to Connecting rod clearance

Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well out there.

I need some help/input with what the clearance should be for the wrist pin to conn. rod on a 00 XR650R. I am doing the top end (all new parts) and when inserting the new wrist pin into the just seems to have a lot of play. I can "wiggle" it a bit. If I hold the pin between my thumb and forfinger on both sides and the rod with the other and make sure to only pull/push straight up and down I get no "noticable" play. But it wiggles quite a bit when you push/pull unevenly. The inside of the rod looks pretty good...there is a "small" mark on it, you can feel it with your finger, but it is not bad at all. I mean it is just that...a very small mark near the bottom oil hole. The rest (3/4) is perfect.

When I put the wrist pin and piston on the rod I can Maybe feel a "C hair" of play up and down...but it is very slight it could be my mind playing tricks on me. Any input would be great from people with experience with these bikes. I REALLY do not have the time to do a rod on this bike. The engine has limited miles on it. I am doing the top end in preparation for BAJA 03...and I need to get her back together asap. Is there a service limit to the inner D. on the rod or a sure fire way to measure? Thanks in advance! -John

I ordered a Carrillo Rod from Barnums...don't want to risk it. Denise and Rob seem like really nice people and have been super helpful so far.

Denise & Rob have always been helpful to myself and my friends. Good luck in Baja 03!

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