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As you can see I am a huge fan of Doug Henry. I have a 1999 YZ400F. But I have a problem, I have the plastics and Graphics to make my my bike look like the original Replica, but now the graphics are coming off, and I can't find them anywhere to replace them, does anyone have any ideas where to look? I really don't wanna have to replace all my plastics again with the blue one and graphics to go with it if I don't have to, cause I like the graphics that are on there. Any Ideas?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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maybe you could contact the company that made the graphics? they might be able to make you more

Any of the custom graphics shops like Decal Works, Dirt Digits, etc., can do those for you.

Well the graphics were bought through yamaha, when they still had, but now is discontinued. To the other comment: never done that before, how hard is it and does it look like the original? What would I have to do? One of my shroud ggraphics is completely gone, and the other one is barely hangin on. Do I take the sticker off, or just mail them the shroud with the sticker on it? And is it expensive to do? Thanx for the help, much appreciated.

www.dirtdna.com make great graphics and will work with you on the proofs. I would hit them up and see what they can do for you.

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