** Utah riders, Diamond Fork on Saturday 2:00pm **

** Utah riders, Diamond Fork on Saturday 2:00pm **

This is the follow-up ride to the Hobble Creek canyon incident -- the ride was cut short due to a CRASH and BROKEN bike :). So we're going to start at Diamond Fork and ride the 5th water and 2nd water loop... around 40-50 miles most of which will be exploring since we haven't done this trail before.

I'll post the directions to the trail head where we'll be meeting on Thursday or Friday morning. Allow 50-60 minutes of drive time. We'll start the ride around 2:00pm.

Everybody's invited! Come if you can.

Someday those KTM's will stay together :):D :D

This broken bike was blue -- :)

** Utah riders, Diamond Fork on Saturday 2:00pm **

This is the follow-up ride to the Hobble Creek canyon incident -- the ride was cut short due to a CRASH and BROKEN bike :D.

Ya, rub it in a little...... :D I'll be there!! Although I prefer the morning rides, these afternoon rides are going to become somewhat necessary. I'm probably going to start working night/swing shift, from 3pm to 3am monday - friday. I'll still be coming on the morning rides, but I'll be a little tired after only getting 1 to 3 hours of sleep, so afternoon rides will be appreciated. :)

Hey eric- you got any directions or a map? Thanks


I've got the trail maps -- I'm going to take my sportbike up Spanish Fork canyon on Thursday to scope out the directions to get to our meeting area. I'll post them Thursday night or Friday morning.

You guys are killing me!! :)

get up early on Saturday, pay homage to the thumpergods, and start a short 4 hour drive to utah... :)

Hey Eric- maybe we should both go up there on thursday?

So far we have 3 confirmed riders and 1 possible --- anybody else???

Sorry Eric,

I am in Hannah, Utah this weekend. Wolf Creek Ride hopefully. Take it easy on your ride this time. :)

I'm out...grouse opener this weekend. The dogs are ready to run! :) Sounds fun though, I'll feel bad missing it. My stitches are all healed up and ready to go.

Pedman: Have fun on Wolf Creek , there's some great riding up there.


Here's the directions to where we'll be meeting:

1. Get off the 1st Spanish Fork Exit

2. Turn Left and follow Highway 6

3. Keep going on Highway 6 up the canyon approx 11 miles

4. Keep going past Castilla about 1.5 miles

5. Turn left on Diamond Fork road - look for the sign

6. Go approx 7.5 miles to Monk's Hollow.

Just before Monk's Hollow the paved road becomes a dirt road and may say the road is closed. Keek going anyway. Monk's Hollow has a paved parking lot. And will probably say it's closed. Go there anyway. People are parking there every weekend with horse trailers.

I'll be in a white dodge with a KTM in the back. Steve will be driving a dark red Toyota with a red/white YZ in the back.

Bring water and enough gas to go 50-60 miles. We should find some really great single track through the wilderness on this ride.

Post a message if you'll be joining us. The more the merrier :)!

- Eric

Last call... we'll be burn'in gas and scaring deer :)... join us if you can.

Sweet! :)

Well, How was it? :)

Hey Bill,

You're really missing out... this was some great riding. Stream crossings, open meadows, rocky hill climbs, log crossings... the works. Aside from a handstand on my handlebars and then over the top :), I had a great time.

This weekend I'm riding the Buzzards Cherry Creek race. The weekend after that it'll be either Hobble Creek, Diamond Fork, or Stansbury... or... do you have any other favorite riding areas? You planning a Moab trip this year?

- Eric


It's about time you go down again. Is this your first dismount since Cherry Creek in the spring? It's nice to think I'm not the only one capable of the occasional faux-pas. I may be the only one who take an injury every time though. :) Glad you guys had a good time. BTW, did you guys see any grouse up there?


Yeah -- last crash was Cherry Creek. No injuries this time, knock on wood. We did see one of the UTMA ride organizers and his friend. Other than that, we didn't see any other riders. We're going to try another trail ride on the 27th. I'm not sure where yet, maybe Hobble Creek, Diamond Fork or Stansbury. Any ideas??

Sorry I missed the ride...Yes Moab is set in stone first weekend in November. Dis-mount huh? Did anyone get photos?

Keep your calendar open in jan for the caineville ride again. I was talking with Reed the other day and they are planning on it again. :)

I'd like to go back up to hobble creek/diamond fork on the 27th! I still don't like standsburry much; there's not enough GOOD riding up there imo, and to many places to get hurt. Besides, we need to keep exploring diamond fork and figure out that trail system so we can consistantly put in 50 to 60 miles each ride. I'm up for meeting at 12:00 so we don't have to worry about running out of day light. :)


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