** Utah riders, Diamond Fork on Saturday 2:00pm **

Cainesville? Where's that located?

Doug it is down by Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley area. Would be great if you can make it. Last year we had 16 riders less one on the second day. We call him the Rock Star. Comes in riding a Lexus and leaves in a helicopter :)

Bill - keep me posted on both the November Moab and Jan Cainsville rides. I'd likely be able to make both. Especially Cainsville -- wow, that was a great ride.

No Problem Eric. I'll keep you posted on this.

Is this Diamond Fork area dirt roads or single track trails?

Most is singletrack. There is a section of dirt road which connects Hobble Creek and Diamond Fork (about 8 miles). We tend to try and stay on the singletrack trails. Great riding area. We'll likely be back riding there this weekend. I'm going to be checking with my buddies and posting a ride invite later today. You should come if you can.

- Eric

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