Number Plate Heat Shielding

Most of the heat shielding material came off the inside of my right number plate and I was wondering if it's really needed - will the plastic really melt and/or deform from the exhaust heat? I have the pieces and was considering glueing them back on or maybe using high temp silcone. Can anyone comment on whether the silicone would work or what type of glue could I use?


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I have a YZ400 with the stock exhaust and never have had any heat shield material on the # plate. I have a small deformity on the plate but nothing major. I'm not sure what the WR exhaust will do with the different silencer.



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My friend has no shielding on his 99 400 and the only time that it would have helped was when he layed it down on that side, other than that it never diformed or anything.


if you feel like glueing it back on...the only glue that I use from now on is called E6000, you can get it at any hardware store. This stuff is very strong, flexible, does good in heated areas, and it also works 10x better than grip glue for your grips! Its sort of an "all around kind of glue"...I keep 2 tubes of it in my toolbox!



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I have found this great tape that is heat resistant. I got it from the hardware store. Sticks like a fly to **** ....its basically the silver stuff and can be applied just about anywhere...even your girlfriends mouth! :)

I'm on my third side panel because the muffler burned through it. I have a FMF and it is closer to the plastic than the stock. However, the two times it burned through I laid it down (crashed) on that side. Both times I had the OEM heat shield.

The stock plate lasted a hell of a lot longer than the One Industries plate, which warped on the first ride. Yes it is cheaper, but it is also not as thick. I ordered the OEM plate this time around.

The OEM heat shield is nice because it is pre-cut and fits perfectly. I am also going to get a cheap piece to double up at the closest point to the muffler.


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