2002 changes

we got new swingarm,new front hub, new ignition mapping, larger rear brake, new wider footpegs, unpainted subframe

231lbs dry weight.............interesting

no new frame, no more power, refinement refinement...........what do you all think?????????????????????

231lbs, I for some reason don't believe that. It'll still feel heavy compared to the KTM or the 250s once you swing a leg over it. Did you notice they didn't post the weight for the 2 strokes? I still think that this bike will be very competative with the new Honda but I'll be holding onto my 99' once again until a drastic change comes along or the Honda comes out to public and obviously blows everything away.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

If it's dirty, I do it and think it!!

Nothing too exciting. I never believe weight claims. I believe the brake rotors are the same size as the 2001's which were increased in size from the 2000. The swingarm was also redesigned for 2001. Doesn't sound like much was changed. Maybe leaving the subframe unpainted is supposed to save weight!? Oh yeah, the cdi re-map was obvious since alot of 2001 owners complained of plug fouling. I think I'll keep my 2000 a little longer!


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Ohhhhh I can sleep better now! LOL I hate spending 6 g's on a new bike only to have it outdated in 8 mo.s

The rear brake is 5 mm larger.. whoaaaa

Never had a problem fouling plugs on mine, wonder what the new ignition is all about?

231 lbs??? hmmmmm off hand does anyone know what the 2001 is listed at? Hard to believe the new Swingarm could save that much.


Since I JUST bought a 01 426....3 weeks ago, I am a little relieved that it wasn't changed that much! Next year will probably be the year for major changes. We'll have to wait and see. 231lbs dry, that's a 20lb diet. I don't believe it!



They'd be lucky to have removed two pounds, if any at all. It's basically the same bike except new swingarm and not so bold new graphics. I guess they want to wait until the hype over the new Honda settles before they launch a counter attack. 2003.....


Holeshot's Page

You know whats kinda wierd? The last time I went to yamaha.com there was a link to the motorcycle pages, but now it is gone. Only links to musical stuff.

HUH I dont know??


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Ummm... you all are talking about dry weight of the 2002 right? I believe the listed dry weight of the 01 is 230 & 246 or 247 wet right? So by my calculations the thing just got heavier. Overall I'm relieved that I got an 01 that will hold its value another year. I look horrible in red!

<font color="navy">Hmmmmm, maybe the Honda isn't so light afterall. Listed at 230 lbs dry its only 1 lb lighter than the 426. Not that you can ever trust what the manufacturers say. My 2000 426 is 250 lbs wet with a full tank of gas.

Don't forget: water weighs 8.33 lbs per gallon, gasoline 6.5 lbs per gallon, and oil, depending on which oil used ranges from 5-9 lbs per gallon.

There are a lot of oils/liquids missing to get the DRY WEIGHT:

-gas (2 gallons)

-motor/trans oil (1700 mL/cc)


-brake fluid

-fork/shock oils


My manual isn't with me and I don't know the exact amount of each liquid in the bike so I can't figure the exact weight.

Just remember not to look at dry weights because they can be very decieving.


The "Bold New Graphics" aren't even "Bold New Graphics." Go figure. Oh well, next year...



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that kinda sucks...why would yamaha do so little to this bike? i guess they have seen the red dud, and thought, why waste money on R&D, when our bike is already faster. and they went for smaller changes...wonder what they changed on that swingarm? GRR guess im gonna go buy a 01' cause the 02 isnt anybetter, andits gonna be about 2000 more..later


To me, it looks like they concentrated their effort on the 2 strokes. Could be a good move considering McGrath didn't when much this year. Maybe they're worried public opinion about the blue bikes have changed cause of this. I would think that the design changes were being worked on before the superx season though so maybe this is a lame idea. Also, maybe they just wanted to wait and see what Honda was going to through on the table. I doubt Honda is going to corner the market with there bike so it probably won't hurt them to kick back and see what RED can do. Then battle that this year behind the closed doors. I would think that the weights of the 2 bikes will be pretty similar once setup and ready to go. The one thing I am bummed about is that Yamaha has had a couple years to do something about their graphics or lack there of!! Maybe plain and boring is the rage in Japan. I'm glad mine is yellow now!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

If it's dirty, I do it and think it!!

Sirhk100, you are right on target.... this is a 2stroke year, I will keep my 01, unless a hell of a deal on a 02? Yea, right!

Don't the 125/250 Yz look cool this year? I bet they both are gonna romp. I hear Honda 250 will have Electronic Power Valves.....this is some cool $#!% !!!!!!! What is next from the road rockets

I talked with a dealer that was at the Yamaha new model intro and even he was disappointed in the lack of anything really 'kick ass'.

As to the 'dry weight', Yamaha is notorious for using 'dry' to mean 'really dry' as in no gas, oil, shock fluid, radiator fluid, etc. The 2002 will be the same weight (+/- 1 lb) as the 2001. The Honda is considerably lighter - their 'dry' weight is probably just sans fuel.

I bought the '99 400, '00 426 and '01 426 and each had significant changes from the previous model but this year I might skip.

that new honda has NOTHING on the yz426. atleast i dont think it does. does anyone else agree with me or am i just not seeing things and being stupid? awhile ago people were making a big deal about how the honda is going to kick ass and it weighs less and has more power and blah blah blah. but if you noticed tim ferry is blowing ryan hughes away. either its because hes a better rider. or its because the bikes are basically the same because really i dont think ryan hughes is a bad rider at all. if anyone watched Mt Morris last last sunday. youd see that Ferry Stalled his bike and went from 40th to 13th "i think" i may be wrong i didnt get to hear things to well because i had annoying people over at my house being loud. sorry if im wrong guys. just my opinion on things.

I went to the Yamaha home page and all I see is information on the 2001's. What am I doing wrong? How can I view the 2002's?

go to yamaha motors and click on latest news off to the right of the web site

All I can say about the 2002's is AWESOME

GRAPHICS!! Why don't they do something better with those graphics.. Oh well, I love my '01 YZ426, just hate those graphics..

I can't find it either. Can someone post a link?

Well, you know those designers aren't stupid!! I'm curious if they didn't make any crazy changes cause they're not worried about the Honda? 20lbs lighter my ass. I can gurantee you that a new swingarm and front hub didn't shave 20lbs!! I doubt the new carburator adjustments, CDI mapping, and suspension damping rates and oil levels are magically telling the bike through ESP that it's lighter. :) where do they come up with those numbers!!!


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