Gas Milage

Does anyone know how many miles will I get from a WR450 tank. I'm planning a trip and I have not ran it dry.

Thanks :)

My short afternoon rides average 30 miles. Tight woods, 1st-3rd gear. I have a heavy hand on the throttle. I fill the bike every time, and it's almost always 1.1-1.2 gal.

I usually get about 70 miles to reserve.

60-70 miles to reserve for me...depending on the conditions.

I am seeing a consistent 25-27 mpg - 60 to 65 miles per tank. Where is the 4 gallon tank I keep praying for?

read post (OK Iam Back)for possible tank sjw

I am seeing a consistent 25-27 mpg

That's horrible!!! The worst I ever got was 35mpg and that was the Vegas to Reno race, I spent most of the day in the high revs at speeds up to 90mph. (very accuratly calculated mpg)

On a trip in Nevada I knew I was going to run out of gas sooner or later and managed to get exactly 52mpg. (totally trying to conserve gas).

Bike is jetted totally stock and runs perfect....


My 01WR426 with a complete Big Gun Quiet system, free mods, Twin Air, and a Clarke tank 3.3 gallons and YZ seat, get me 31 mpg. Good for about 90 miles before I get on reserve. I still love the 426. It could use a softer seat! I just wish the new 450 with the magic button was a green sticker like my D/S 426 is. I would hate to have to go Orange when I am ready for a new bike!

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