O.K. I'am back under Yamaharichey

I don't know what happened but I tried to login again today and it accepted it. I'am sure all you guys have missed me terribly.I Have been reading all the posts but havn't been able to comment. I got two comments right now, one is I Emailed Norm Kouba at Koubalinks he said he still can't figure out how to lower the 450's with the linkage. and he's going to put it on hold for a while. And the other is I've waited for Clarke tanks to come out with their new tank for our 450's and what do they do? come out with a tank that holds three or four tenths more than the stock WR tank, I say say BFD, As others have asked can't someone make at least a four gallon tank?

Glad to see you back YamahaRichey!

Regarding the fuel tank: All a company has to do is incorporate the shrouds into the tank and you can get the extra capacity without the tank becoming too bulbous. I had a Clarke desert tank for my KX500 that used this method and it was awesome! Clarke took forever to come out with their ridiculous 2.8 gallon tank and IMS didn't do much better with their 3.1. There are now getting to be plenty of WR's on the market and one of these companies should step up and build a 4 gallon tank. I'm sure there will be enough demand to justify the R&D. I would have bought an IMS by now if they had atleast gone to 3.6 gallons! The only way I'll buy an IMS at this point is if the stock tank cracks.

Anyone think IMS or Clarke reps read the forums here? :)

I am 100% behind Dave I will even pay $500. for a well engineered 4 Gallon tank that keeps all my standard seat and components. Why do they bother with such small gains. I can carry half gallon with me in a bottle before I would buy the poorly designed IMS tank! Clarke please build us a 4 gallon tank for all the TT members with WR450's. PLEASE. :)

I think the tank you guys are looking for is in dirt rider or dirt bike oct issue.I know I seen it somewhere,if it wasent here thats where it was ,will check tonight when I get home and report back.

I just talked to Cris at Clarke Tanks 503-829-3649 He says thier tank was mainly to replace the YZ tank, I told him if the YZ guys were buying the tank for off road they would want a bigger tank just like we do. Says theres only two of them and they are so backed up there are no plans for a larger tank. So there you have it, Aceribis IMS & Clarke are the only manufactures I can think of, maybe we could talk Ty Davis into coming out with a larger tank through IMS with a better design.

Man, that sucks. :)

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