If you want a brighter light on your pig

Baja Designs offers a kit for about 50.00 that is awesome it comes with a new H4 buld and a whole light housing with a glass lens the stock is plastic If I had to guess it is probally about 4 or 5 times brighter, during the day in sunlight you can see the beam on a garage wall for sure whereas before nothing. Baja Designs was grat fast service as well as follow up e mails. Probally not enough for fast speeds in BAJA but enough for cool night rides in Moab

Baja Designs has the good stuff. I have the same OEM replacement lens but with a 85w PIAA in mine. I rewound my stator so I can run a higher watt bulb. You most likely have a 55watt in yours. :)

The lighting upgrade kit that uses the stock plastic is a Honda part number (posted several times in the past) and is a vast improvement over stock. The Baja Designs headlight assembly (new plastic, glass lens) that takes H4 bulbs is the ticket for dual sport since it gives you high/low capability that you don't get with the glass Honda lens. A 100W bulb in the Baja Designs lens is real nice. Night rides at a decent speed are no problem. Even with a 55W bulb it is still pretty darn good. The stock 35W plastic lens is inexcusable. Because the 650 is so raked out, you have to futz around a bit with the Baja Designs Headlight assembly to get it aimed low enough. This isn't a problem on the XR400 (but on it , it rubs the oil line unless you trim the plastic lens part where teh rubber boot goes over)


I also recomend the replacement lens/bulb, I replaced mine when I bought the bike, before I ever rode it...so I have no idea how dim the stocker is.

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