I need part # for 55 slow jet for my XR650L

My dealer cant seem to find the part # for the #55 slow jet, also I installed the Baja Designs jet kit and it still runs lean. I used the 160 main from the kit, I am thinking about trying the 165?,any suggestions would be great.

I also tried the dealer a while back. He had no listing for it also. The best thing I can tell you is to take your slow jet out, go to a dealer you know specializes in off-road and see if you can find a 55. I had a 55/160 setup in mine using the stock exhaust. The plug was a little rich. I am going to try the 52 slow jet this time and see how that one works. I wouldn't use the 165 or larger until you open up the exhaust, if you've already done that go man go.

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