Backfire screen removed...dangerous?

I cut out the backfire screen on my stock filter cage. Im running a No-Toil filter with No-Toil oil. What do you think the likelyhood of filter burn is? My bike is jetted killer right now, havent ever heard a backfire. It did feel like it was breathing better, and finally got rid of that damn whistle! Just curious what everyone's opinion is...

Strictly speaking it's dangerous. What's the probablity of it actually happening? Who knows... but TwinAir makes a filter for these cases. It is laminated with a special fire retardent foam compound. MX Action talked about it a while back. You may want to look at it. On the other hand, in the same article they mentioned they have been cutting the backfire screen out for years and have never burned down a bike... :)

i think its twin air might be no toil also but they said its just like installing a new pipe... sounds great to me :)

I've put over 4500 miles without the screen and I've had no problems. Mine is also well jetted and never backfires in the intake. I run a UNI filter with Maxima FFT synthetic filter oil...

I would be careful with that modification.

The kid down the streets mothers cousin did that and was severely injured.

There was a backfire and the whole back end of the bike blew off.

Hey, that happened to me last night after I ate a whole can of beans and weenies..... :)

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