Baja Designs Key Switch Wiring

Howdy! Is it possible to install the ignition key switch from BD on an '07 WR450 that does NOT have the rest of the BD dual sport kit? Basically install it into the factory wiring. Are there any wiring diagrams for this? Any good insight would be much appreciated at this point in my life! Thanks guys :eek:

That should be really easy. You're basically tapping into the 12v supply going to the stock push button switch.

Yup, I've done it myself on my '06. Do a search, you'll find it. Maniac

To replace the stock push button, you will need an ignition switch that is normally "open" in the off position and "closed" in the on position. Just verify with BD that there's is this way. PM me your e-mail address and I can send you a wiring diagram and switch install diagram. It won't let me attach an excel file here.

BD also sells one that is normally closed. You just tap it into you kill switch. With the key off it will crank but won't start.

Ok great, all of that sounds fairly straight forward. I mean come on...there are only two wires for it to open and close a circuit. Can't be THAT hard. :eek: It can for me...wiring gets me every time. I will try to search more for it but it search feature doesn't seem to intuitive. I am a rookie though so may be doin in wrong. Thanks for the help and info, let me know what else you got!

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