Back brake problem

So I have been riding and I have lost my back brake a couple times now. Each time it has happened I just pump it a bit and it stars working again but it has allmost caused me to crash each time it happened. I have no idea why it is doing this. Can someone please help I'm racing the powder mountain race that jeremy mcgrath puts on here every year and its s fast paced track and I really dont want this happening out there and ruining my weekend practice is thursday so I have to have this fixed. Its probably something simple but I'm fairly new to this sport and working on my own bike so I have no idea what to do.

Bleed your brakes, you most likely have air in the system.

How old is the hose? I had one on a honda that went soft (it was less than 2 years old), and it was bulging ever so slightly under pressure. If bleeding doesn't work, and the fluid is otherwise clean, I'd be tempted to change the hose.

So we can presume the same dangerous issue will rear its ugly head in the big race. Time for a new hose and proper bleed. May have to fork over the $$$ and have the dealership or competent mech do this.

K thanks I'll look in my manual to see if it shows how to bleed the brakes and try that and take it for a ride today and see if that fixes the problem

Check to make sure the disk isn't bent. If it is, it will push the pads apart as the wheel rotates, and pumping the brake brings them back together. If it is bent, you can try to straighten it using a crescent wrench or just buy a new one.

+1 and check caliper slides freely

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