how do i confirm 2009 model?

Going to look at a 2009 yz450f tonight and am woundering how 2 confirm it is in fact a 09 model and its not 06...


look at the swingarm...09 is the only year there is NO plastic access plug

Thats the simple way, also the 10th digit (I think) in the VIN number on the frame should be a 9.

with cars it is the 10th digit to confirm the year and with cars it would be a 9, probably the same with bikes

Ride it. 06 has gobs of low end power. 09 has very little low end power.:eek:

On a related note, there is a seller(s) in the UK offering YZF's to unsuspecting buyers who don't know about the VIN identification. They are buying an 06 and thinking it's an 08, etc.

10th digit in the VIN, as as been stated above, should be a 9.:eek:

is the 09 the only shorty pipe?

08 had the same pipe

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