buying a new bike

I am in the process of picking out my new bike. I want a dual sport. One of the bikes I am considering is the XR650L. I wanted to ask you guys what the ups and downs are. I know the average "lots of power but kinda heavy" stuff. I would like to know things you were happy or upset with after your purchase. What kind of accesories should I look at for a new bike, I don't really want to hop it up any just replace the problematic components and mabey add dome protection for the bike, bark busters and things like that. thanks for your help :)

I dont have an xr650l but have ridden y friends a bunch of times. I had an xr650r for 2 years and ow have a wr450 just to let you know my background. The "l" is WAY to heavy and feels like a tank. If you want a true dual sport I would suggest going with the drz400s over the L if you plan on doing anything more than light trail rides on the dual sport. :)

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