questions about the yamaha big wheel


I'm trying to find some info on the "Big Wheel for my friend"

All I know is that this bike was made in the late 80's or early 90's. Can someone tell me some general info on it, is it a good starter bike, anything bad about it?


Check out the TW 200. It is a good starter bike if you have no saddle time, and you just want to trail ride.

I had an '85 BW200. It was great in sand, mud, and snow. I taught three people to ride on it. It has a nice 200cc thumper motor, and it's unique.

The handling is slightly terrifying at anything resembling speed. At some point you will need to push the bars opposite the way you want to turn. You also will learn to two-wheel drift a lot, if you like speeds above a casual pace. Please don't try to ride it on pavement; it's more than exciting there.

I had the thing until 1998, so it couldn't be THAT weird. Or maybe I'm weird, I dunno. :)

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