mystery problem!!!

hi guys,new on here so hello to all members.

my nephew has decided to sell his bike which is indentical to mine (wr450 / 2004) but we have come across a problem that has us scratching our heads.

bike rides fine,gears all ok,but stand bike in neutral and roll backwards and the rear wheel locks up,this happens if engine is both running or off!

can anyone help us and tell us your thoughts or has anyone else encountered the same problem!

many thanks,nick dalby,uk. :eek:

Absolutely TRASHED chain and sprockets. Take off chain and turn countershaft sprocket backwards. Then do it with the rear wheel. I'll bet no lockup problems, but if it does you can isolate the problem in this manner.

It can also be caused by the kick start idler.

c+s are nearly new! thanks

c+s are nearly new! thanks

What is "nearly" new?

As William1 said, could be the kickstarter idler, try pushing the bike while maybe moving or holding the kickstart lever and see if you can feel any pressure on it.

My hypothesis may be a load of crap but I would try it just to see.

used for 2/3 on a laning session!

thanks,will try in the morning.

thx william,will try that,gotta start somewhere!cheers

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