replacing O-rings with filter change

How often do you guys replace the o-rings on the oil filter cover? I just changed the filter for the first time, tightened the cover to spec and it seems that there may be a small leak. I did not replace the o-rings this time (dealer didn't have any in stock).


sir- I've had my '00 for over a year and never eplaced them. Make sure one of them didn't pop sideways when you put it back on, I always have trouble with mine slipping just off to the side after I put it back on.

Thanks for the reply. I took it apart again tonight and took the time to really check it out and the o-rings look good. I cleaned it up really nice and put it back on, hopefully it won't leak. I only saw one drop of oil there before so it may have just been left over from the oil change, but I thought that I had cleaned it all up. I will watch it closely.


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