Awesome new XR650R product!

If you also have a CRF450, then perhaps you’ve heard of BillyWho’s ManFunnel to make changing oil easier. The CRF guys love the funnel and now Billy has made one for the XR650R. I got mine today and had to try it out and it’s a terrific product. My XR650R has a White Brothers skid plate that bolts on from the bottom of the bike’s frame and sometimes changing oil gets a little messy, but not with the ManFunnel. Simply put, this funnel makes changing the oil quicker, easier and less messy and will be a product I’ll recommend to all my friends who ride a XR650R.

The funnel simply clips to the frame and is plenty secure to stay there by itself and you can remove the drain bolt while the funnel is in place. Then just use your favorite 12mm socket to remove the drain bolt and the oil flows into the funnel, out the downspout and into your favorite container. My funnel drained into my graduated beaker so I knew exactly how much oil came out and I simply put back the exact same amount. I could have just as easily used a plastic one gallon milk jug to catch the oil and I still wouldn’t have spilled a drop thanks to the ManFunnel. Then put your drain bolt back on with the funnel still in place, remove the funnel and you’re done with draining the oil unless you need to check the downtube screen.

Filling the bike with oil is also simpler with Billy’s funnel. Simply turn the handlebars to the left and the funnel fits perfectly into the fill hole as you’re holding it with one hand and pouring in the new oil with the other. You can easily pour straight from a quart container without spilling, but I had everything all measured out and poured from my beaker. Changing my oil has never been easier. Billy has just introduced this product and has a special introductory price on it right now, so give it a look if you want to make oil changes easier. I like it and will gladly buy another so I can have one at home and one in my trailer.



The only dumb question is the one you don't ask so here goes. Can you drain the oil completely from the gearbox location by the shifter without draining the frame downtube?

Looks like a neat product. Thanks DrD

That's a great question :)! As you know, you can only get about 675cc out of the case drain bolt (about half the total oil capacity) and the rest has to come from the downtube and to a much lesser degree the oil filter area. Changing the filter is a piece of cake and doesn't require a funnel, but the downtube can sometimes also be a messey job with a skid plate installed.

The small portion of the BillyWho funnel actually fits right into my White Brothers skid plate cutout where the downtube bolt is, so it can be used there too if you 'hold' it there while making sure you have something to catch the oil underneath it. I don't know if all skid plate companies provide a cutout to access the downtube drain bolt or not, but it's nice not having to take the skid plate off every time when changing oil. My skid plate attaches to the frame from underneath and from the front with allen bolts and those allen sockets gets packed with crud while riding, so they aren't always fun to get out.

For the first half dozen oil changes when my bike was new, I removed the downtube filter every single time which required removing my skid plate. My downtube screen had metal shavings and other stuff in it (quite typical for the 1st oil change) the first time I changed my oil and a bit of this stuff on the 2nd oil change, but it's been clean ever since. I plan to check my downtube screen every 5 oil changes or so, but I change my oil quite often at about 300 mile intervals or less. I also have an inductive hour meter / tach on my bike, so I also keep track of the engine hours :D

The BillyWho funnel helps mostly with draining from the case drain bolt and also with adding oil to the bike. For those reasons alone, I'm a fan of this product and will keep one in my shop and one in my trailer :D

Woot! That should work well with my bike too :)

qadsan, did you get it at OCH?

Nope, I bought mine from BillyWho directly at

Thanks qadsan,

I love my CRF funnel. I remember see the coming soon notice on Billy's web. I forgot about it until you mentioned it. Ordered my Thursday got it Saturday. Isn't manipulated plastic great. Thanks again.


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