Rebuild suggestions

Hi all, my 04 wr450f has reached the time in its life to be torn down and rebuilt a monster. I have gone down the path of:

Rekluse z start clutch

GYTR billet inner hub

GYTR clutch basket

478cc cylinder works big bore kit

Wiseco crank and rod

Vetex piston to suit

Tokyomods modded carb

Mild port and polish head

And maybe stage 1 hot cams haven't decided yet lol

My main questions are:

I want to remove the starter now alot of you out there will go "Why in the hell would he want to do that?" well i've never used it, it never really worked in the frist place and i need the exercise :smirk:. Now with removing the starter and the associated gears etc i know i'll have to block up holes and such but will removing the gears affect oil flow or oil capacity since what was once there will now be replaced by fresh air also in removing the gears will that cause any issues with what ever may also be on the same shaft to slide around since what was there would have been holding it in place?

Is there any mods I should do while i have the cases split? Or anything to make certain that it is within tolerences?

Will a big bore kit affect the jetting?

And is there any market for a used crank rod and piston assy. Barrel and along with all the starting gear i'll be removing it'd be better to sell them to some one then chuck them.




Oil capacity won't be an issue since those gears don't sit in a bath of oil. The idler and the damper assembly are each on their own shafts, so no issues there. The starter gear and starter clutch sort of float on the crankshaft, so removing or leaving them won't be an issue.

You could check flatness of the case halves and runout on the crank, and also make sure all the trans bearings spin smooth with no play.

Big bore probably will affect jetting, though you may need to go leaner since the big bore will pull more vacuum and therefore more fuel through the jets.

There is absolutely a market for all your used parts. Lots of guys with '03 WR450's install the '04 damper assembly, and any of them who rebuild with an '04+ crankshaft will need the '04 starter gear, among other things.

Great thanks very much for the reply all the trans bearings are getting replaced so no problem there, will check the other things. I have 90% of the parts on the table just waiting till the weekend to venture out in the shed to finish pulling her down just gotta split the cases and i'll be laughing



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