Stator Line Case Plug / Oil Filter Question 07 YZ450FW

Can anyone tell me what the best way to seal the stater line plug into the case is? I noticed that the white/grey sealant that was once there is starting to fall out and I'd like to know how does everyone seal it. I used Permatex No.2 non hardening sealant and its a mess, tried spreading it with my finger, then tried a small flat head screw driver. How do you get a nice even bead along this plug? How do you get along the back side of the plug, there is no way a tube of sealant can fit? How necessary is it to get a perfect seal on this?

I noticed while changing my oil the other day that the oil filter rubber gasket ring that calls out to be greased was a little off center where it smashes into the oil intake... The ring impression was way off center. Putting the new filter on, i noticed there is some wiggle room. Anyway to get that ring impression perfect in the middle? I'll take pictures when I get home I guess

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:eek: anyone?

The screw in plugs are sealed with an 'O' ring. The oil filter....I haven't a clue what you mean.

The wires that come out of the case are not screwed in. Im talking about this:


I've searched and some call it the "grommet". There is a small bead of silicone that seals this from the factory.


Should I split this case cover and silicone this grommet and install new case gasket and be done with it or just put a bead of silicone on the top and call it a day?

Sometimes more is not better. Clean it all down with brake cleaner or other suitable solvent, then apply a thin layer of yamabond or threebond to the sealing surfaces. Leave a few hours to dry and that should sort it.

Ok, the sealant that I pulled off is only at the top of the grommet, hopefully if it was sealed the way in the pictures I wont have any problem.

Any idea where I can get Yamabond? Order it through the dealer? I thought I read online that this is discontinued?

Threebond, hondabond all the same stuff. Try e-bay for a small tube.

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