Question for 2010 YZ 450f Owners

I thought it was cool when I bought it and rode it during the winter..... when there weren't any races..... then in the spring when race time came I realized the newness had worn off and saw where me and the bike really were. Is a matter of opinion that wrong and offensive to you? I said I've ridden other bikes and moto'd with the same buddies and I am in fact faster on hondas and kawis. Sorry our opinions and life experience isn't the same.

i would agree with you but there is no reason we both should be

good luck with the bike bro...

Your right, im such an idiot.

Dont worry Darius I am right with you on this. I worked for Yamaha until earlier this year, and when the 2010 landed was one of the first to ride it. We went out and tested with factory mechanics, and the standard tyres were ditched in favour of the new Dunlops. There were no pre conceived ideas as we had not spoken to anyone that had ridden the bike, there was only the hype surrounding the reverse cylinder bike. On the first lap I noticed the front deflecting off bumps and I was only going about 60%. I did two more laps before pulling in and asked for some serious suspension adjustment. Sag was double checked, clickers at both ends dialled in and out, and double checked tyre pressures. I went out and did one more session on the bike, had a couple of huge moments and gave it back. It was horrible. I had planned on buying that bike until I rode it. I spent the rest of the day on a 250F, or my 250 two stroke. I also agree with the use of the word unpredictable. A lot of guys are very brand loyal, and will stick with Yamaha through and through. I was until riding that bike. If you are in the market for a new bike soon, go check out the TM range. Amazing bikes. You just have to not mind being a bit different.

None of your complaints about the bike explain why the number of YZ450's in the qualifying field of most outdoor Nats is now roughly twice that of any other brand.

The podium doesn't count because Yamaha has no factory team, and the guys riding the factory bikes could win on anything that had as much money pumped into them as those bikes do.

For every one who claims the bike didn't work for them, there are two who say it's one of the best bikes they've ever owned.

I love mine also... It's my first 4broke and I'm glad I waited as long as I did to get one..It hauls @ss and turns great also

Well I didn't just bash the bike I loved it for a long time. Once race season came my results weren't what they used to be period. I set my sag, put on a good chain and sprockets ( moving up to a 49 tooth). Also I eventually put on a lowering link to help stability. Bottom line is im not where I was last year and I just don't feel at home on the bike, yet I feel great on the red and green bikes I've ridden right away. Im not a brand loyal die hard, I just want the best bike and im not too proud to admit my bike isn't the best bike just because I spent 7,200 dollars on it

ride the 2012 kawi 450 it is a really good bike, great motor, very good handling and decent suspension.

i loved the new 10 when it cvame out. very ballanced as stock for a 185 pound rider.

I really like my 2010 and the only issue I had with it at first was the turning but now have it set up just right for me.

I had to go a couple kg's smaller on the rear shock to get it to turn for me. The stock shock was too stiff for me and thats why I had to get a softer spring.

I am now considering on getting a new 2011 YZ450F left over at my dealer. He said I could get it out the door for $6500.00

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