YZ450F clutch basket 2010

Hey guys, I need a clutch basket for my 10 YZF450 including the gear that goes on the back.

Does anyone know if an older basket (05 onwards) is the same and the gear. Like this one:


I have seen ads on ebay for billet baskets 05-10, being the same basket but is the gear also the same.

Would be great to hear if anyone knows or as fitted an older basket into a 2010 model.

Thanks for any help on this one as I want to get riding again but don't want to spend the big money on a new basket and gear from the dealer!!

The basket/gear assembly for the 2010 now replaces all models from '05 up, and you can use any '05 and later on your '10, BUT the '05-'07 OEM stuff was different than yours, and the primary gears won't mesh exactly as they should. This will mean noisier operation and possible wear issues if you mix the parts. The '08 and later are all the same.

Thanks gray, as always very knowledgeable.

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