Bought a brand new XR650L today...

Bought an 04 today and plan on riding it tommorow. Gonna leave it fairly stock except for tires and gearing for now. There are sooo many cool double wide pineapple field roads waiting to be obliterated by a 650! Most pineapple field roads are smooth as a babies bottom and wind around for miles and miles. Can't wait! :) This is gonna be my after work, thrill for a couple hours, check out the beach, blast thru the open forest bike. When I jump on my trail bike it will feel like a toy.

Just some pics of our riding area...

Can't wait to see the pics of you riding double on your XR650L across the wall of Voodoo :)

I think that is where I draw the line!!! Even alone I wouldn't take that beast on the Wall of Vodoo :D

I'm not tough enough or brave enough or stupid enough for that! :D :D :)

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