My manual suggests 95 octane fuel for my 01' 426. Any problems with standard 92.

Actually the 95 Octane Rated Fuel your manual is talking about is the same as the 92 you can buy from the local gas station. There are two types of rating for gasoline.


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He is right, octane rating has two methods. RON, Research Octane Number, is done by Analytic Chemistry. MON, motor octane number, is tested in a standard motor. Both rate a fuel's resistance to predetonation relative to pure octane (C8H18) being 100. But the tests get different results and rate the same fuel differently. What you see on the pump is really screwed up due to the US congress, which is (R+M)/2, or the average.

The (R+M)/2=92 is fine for your bike. I think Yamaha specifies MON (check your manual).

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