Sprockets/Gear Ratios

After struggling in certain situations with the 14/45 gearing on my newly purchased '02 WR426. I am in need of changing the ratio. I am used to riding an '02 400SX with a close ratio gear box and 13/52 gearing. The gap between 1st & 2nd on this WR is TOO much. Going from 1st to 2nd on the WR is the same as going from 1st to 3rd on my SX. I am thinking about going 48 on the rear. I ride and race desert, but for those who don't know, desert doesn't necessarily mean open. We face some VERY gnarly tight areas, and tight single track. Or should I go back to stock and throw a 50t on the rear. Any suggestions?

Unless you really need the top-end speed, going back to stock or close should help. I always try to gear so that I can avoid 1st as much as possible. :)

I have tried a 14/51 combo that is very good for slower riding(bike revs out way to fast in top though)the standard 14/50 is not to bad for most conditions(if you don`t need high top speed),just now i`m trying out a 15/51 combo and it feels ok for fast open riding(helps keep the revs down in top gear)but motor will not rev out as fast with taller gears,i`m tempted to recomend you try a 14/49,you should find the bike will pick up the revs faster,but at the end of the day it`s down to what works best for you,but after a 45 going up over a 50 to start with may feel like you lost 5th gear :)

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