mikuni carb

Has anybody tried Mikuni carb on these bikes Wr or yz 400-426

Has anybody tried Mikuni carb on these bikes Wr or yz 400-426

will a drz 400 carb work on my wr 400...i am desperate,i need a cure for my carb problem...think the accel pump has been remove or is not working and dont want spend $400-500 for new carb on that old iron:bonk:

You can check the acc pump is working by taking the carb off and hanging at the side of the bike, look down the throttle body and twist the throttle - you should see the petrol squirt out of the AP opening in the floor of the venturi

I think the accel pump has been cancelled.the hose that goes from the pump to the side of the carb is not there and the side of the carb has been plug ...so no acce pump. That is why it died when i wacked it open

Btw is the recovery thank really necessary and what will happen if i remove it

There is no hose going to the accelerator pump.

You'll loose coolant if you remove it. Not critical but little to be gained from its removal.

Ok then how is the accell pump activated .. just by vacuum!!

The AP is moved by an arm connected via linkage to the throttle wheel.

it appear that the accel pump as been deactivated ...is it really necessery to have it or proper needle jet ajustement will be enough to produce smooth accelleration

You can give this company a call or send an email, they rebuild Keihin Carbs http://www.pjmotorsports.com/special-outside-services.html. They are located in Oregon. I have not used them, I just found them on the Internet. They accept international orders through Pay Pal.

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