wr400 leaking breather hose

my wr400 leaks out of the breather hose after im done riding it and its on the stand. at first it was white and then it turned greyish black. its not just oil, its looks like sludge or something. checked the oil and it looked fine but im going to drain it tonight maybe to see if its milky or anything



I was told not to worry about it on my 400:banana:

I've had similar on my 450 when riding it on the road

It comes from condensation due to the engine not getting hot enough to evaporate the condensation off

I don't get it when off road riding due to the lower speeds and hence less cooling air flowing over the radiators and hence the engine gets hotter to evaporate it off

Try riding your bike and getting it really hot, to see it stops doing this

my bike gets REALLY hot. sometimes too hot

mine is doing this as well. it only started after i had to do the water pump shaft and seals. i changed the oil and filter and put the recommended 1.6l of oil back in. the dipstick shows that the oil level is perfect but it still drips out of the breather, and don't seem to be stopping after a couple of weeks of riding. i use the bike on the road in super moto trim. would the different riding conditions have something to do with it?

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