what would happen if?

What would happen if there was a hole in a accelerator pump diaphragm? What would it cause the motor to do? thanks

Stumble on acceleration and leak gas around the accelerator pump rod.

Ok the bike starts and dies and wont stay running when i had my carb apart i seen that is had a small tear so i ordered a new one. hoping that my be my problem. having nothing but problem after problem with this carb,:eek:

you could have it serviced by zip-tye racing.

you could have it serviced by zip-tye racing.
It'd be a waste of time and money, probably; it's a '99 YZ400. Your best possible bet would be to shop eBay for a used carb from an '05 or later YZ450. It's a virtual bolt-on, and a huge upgrade. Be sure to get as much of the hot start assembly with it as you can. Should be around $200.

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