California Registration 450f

Has anyone tried to bring an "out of state" WR 450f into California? The current registration doesn't indicated "off-road"...Can I sneak a plate on this thing?

unless it already has a plate or is a canadian model.I don't think so.They will still get you with the vin if it has a 3 or c in the 8th position.

Good luck :)

Thanks for the info. If it has a 3 or C in the 8th that the "plate killer"?

3/C is the "Green Sticker Killer", leaving you with a red sticker. A red sticker is the "Plate Killer".

If it's "out of state" why don't you register it out of state and ride it in state?

You need a mailing adress ou tof state to register you vehicle out of state.

Has anyone got a WR450 that came with a green sticker? When I checked on a new one it was a 3 or C in the 8th VIN #, so no dice....

My buddy did but the bike was a funny orange color and was made by KTM.

You can buy Canadian.

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