Interchangeable front wheel bearings?

I have an 09 yz450 and it needs front wheel bearings. There is no Yamaha shops within an hour and I want to ride tomorrow. There is however Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki dealers. Will any of those front wheel bearings fit my bike ? Thanks!!

Know the size? Might be able to cross-reference dimensions and see if they have one that'll fit or not. Taking the old bearings to an auto parts store might be worth a shot too. Moto dealers aren't the only place that stocks bearings.

What I've done in the past... buy the non-OEM replacements... they just package up off-the-shelf bearings/seals. Write the numbers down from the bearing/seals, then look up the size/dimensions/type. There's only a handful of decent bearing/seal manufacturers. Then start looking around at local motion control, industrial-type warehouses. Whistler Bearing out here in Denver is a big one. Give them the part numbers off the bearings, they'll have some in stock. Buy half a dozen at a time.

In doing that though, I've also noticed that the non-OEM bearing/seal kits really aren't that much more than what you can get them for from industrial distributors. Cheaper for me to ride to the local moto shop and pick up the non-OEM kit than it is to head out to Whistler and buy theirs. I usually need more than just bearings, and the moto shops have a higher chance of carrying what I need in one stop than anywhere else.

But do you know if Amy are interchangeable? That would make it easier. Do you know what the crf rmz or kxf wheel bearing sizes are cause I have the yZs

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