My 04 450

Well guys here she is what do you think?:eek:

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No Pic

Well crap it didn't work any suggestions on attaching pics????:eek:

Upload the pic to photobucket or something like that. Then, once the image is uploaded, hover over the image with the mouse. There will be several codes that come up. You want he Image code. Click where it says Image, and this will copy the image code. Then simply paste the image code in your reply.

What he said. The pics need to be posted on a web site. Then they can be linked to. Photobucket is free, and has the self coding feature he mentioned, but any site will do. You need the URL (web address) of the picture, which needs to be placed between the tags, "" and "" (don't include the quotes). You can do that manually while posting, or use the yellow button on the post toolbar, second from the right.

Semper Fi.

Hopefully this time it works.


Are those the 04 side panels?

I assume not sure.Any one else know

They look right to me. It's definitely an '03-'05 air box outer panel, and the the older or newer number plates wouldn't match that.

For some reason, those looked like an 06-09 side panel. I don't know what i was seeing.:)

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