Plastics question

I have a 2004 WR450F that I would really like to put black plastics on, but they only make black for the YZs. If I got the same year YZ plastic kit, will it fit on my bike? The headlight and taillight I can figure out later, so any info will help thanks :eek:

The shrouds and the seat have to match the tank. Everything else will bolt right up with little problem (airbox?). IMO, a YZ rear fender with aftermarket taillight is nicer. Aftermarket headlights are available, or dye/paint the stock light. :eek:

The side panels are different as the WR has a relief for tge coolant tank and the YZ has an extra cutout on the left side I think.

They sort of bolt up but are not a direct fit if you have the coolant tank.


It's easy enough to cut around the area of the coolant tank to help the YZ rear fender fit. I along with many others have done this. Maniac

Thanks for the help guys, here is what i did... i went to and compared part numbers on all the plastics, the front fender, rear fender, and the panels will fit, but the radiator covers wont. So i went to an aftermarket sight and found black radiator covers by UFO, and a black head light and tail light. Soon my blue beast will be black with a blue gas tank haha, thanks guys. and ill post pics whenever i get them.

Won't you have to change your name?

That's what I was thinking haha, the gas tank will still be blue so I guess that would work haha

Then Black & Blue it is! Sort of like me after a ride/race!!!! Maniac

MY-BLACK AND BLUE-BEAST, long but catchy haha. I think it will look real good with the blue tank and blue stripe down the side of the seat. First I need a little more money haha.

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