Baffle ?

I currently run a BD Vortip, very quiet, approx. 91db. I picked up a GYT-R baffle and want to try some changes. If I cut the three tubes shorter I am quite sure it will get louder. Question is will it flow better? I want to be at 94db or less and get all I can as far as flow. Comments?

Baja Designs makes great products and they do everything for a reason Im sure they would have cut the tubes down if it would give more power with out adding decibels My .02

I know it will get louder if the tubes are shortened. I am willing to add a little more sound but only if it adds power. So the question is will the power come along with the noise or will I get only the noise?

Just a guess, but I'd think there would not be a significant increase in flow/power. The exhuast flow is more severely restricted by the diameter of the holes than by the length of the tubes (assuming the same diameter). The length of the tubes acts to tame the pulses and create a more linear flow. Summary: the major restriction is the exit diameter not the length of tubes. Not that the tube length has absolutely no effect, I just think it would be insignificant (measured in minute fractional terms). What we really need is someone with an advanced degree (and experience) in Fluid-Dynamics. :)


I just tested the Vortip vs the PMB insert. I estimate that the PMB flows 20% more based on the area difference between the two. Top end performance got worse with the PMB. For this test, I adjusted top end jetting MJ158->160, then Needle C4-C5 to compensate for the extra flow.

I am now going to decrease the main and then try needle c-3 with both tips and see what happens.

Sound from both tips is pretty comparable.

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