What wheels will fit my 99 WR400? (mags or spokes)

Well, just got my 99 WR400 plated in CA. I'd like to have a set of rims/tires for street and one for dirt. Im basically trying to look for a way around the $800+ for excell/Talon combo.

So if I go the 'stock front and rear' wheel route, does anyone know what years/models will fit my bike, (yz, years etc)?

Also does anyone know if any mag wheels from whatever make/model/year will fit, (or fit with minor modifications)? I've searched the crap out of the web and have come up blank!

Thanks!!! :)


i am pretty sure 1999 and newer yz or wr rear wheels will work, remember yz are 19 inch. Front should work as well but the yz don't have the speedo drive. I have a 1999 yz rear wheel and a 2001 yz front wheel for my 2003 wr450. Your may need to have the wheel spacer that go with wheel for the front. You should be able to find so used wheels on ebay or T.T. parts and accessories. I found both with discs and tires for around $500.00 in near new condition. good luck

Cool thanks. Also, if anyone knows any mag wheels from a crotch rocket that may fit, please let me know.

Thanks again... :)

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