Best ways to remove bottom end bearings?

Exactly what the title says, i have my cases split ready to put all the goodies in but now i would like to know the best way to get out the old bearings. I've read a post about heating the cases up in the oven and they fall out and doing the same to put them in as well as putting the bearings in the freezer anddropping them into a hot case, my only worry about this is will i have the hot glass in cold water effect and crack anything?

Any suggestion is most welcome




I have always used a small torch and heated the cases and then used an old socket to tap the old bearings out. Then to install the new ones I heat the cases again, while the new bearings have been in the freezer all night, and they fall right in. There is no cracking of any thing. Not to say it cant happen but I have never seen it.

A torch like a plumbers bernzomatic butane thingy? Or would that be too much, also how long would you need to wave it over the spots for the bearings to have them drop in easy?

please dont forget to remove the retainer plates

I dont know if the 450 has them but a 426 does.

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