Help please, brake woes...

Hey all, been awhile since I posted but thought I'd try and get a little information, you guys havent let me down yet.... hahaha

This is all for a '98 YZ 400 F by the way

I have a bent front rotor, almost stripped bolts on the front reservoir (theyve been that way forever it looks like), a broken rear reservoir (plastic tab that bolt goes through broke off, again been that way for awhile) and I was wondering where you suggest I get all this stuff. I found a good front rotor (wave even) on ebay for $50, bike bandit has everything else, I'll need the screws for the rotors as well, as they are beyond rusted.

anywho, where do you guys go?



also, been looking for a carb gasket kit for some time and I cant seem to find anything inside of $100 - is that because its older? I really only need the two small seals for the AP pump, and the AP diaphragm (again, expensive as phook)

any help is appreciated! thanks :)

If you can't find aftermarket stuff on Rocky Mountain, try OEM stuff on

Of course, take a look at the TT store to see what they have as well.

thank you, ill check them out :)

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