Choked up WR450

with a little more detail how do you make these things get out of thier own way. I read about the mods but I haven,t read enough details :) to make all of them.

First thing to do: YZ throttlestop! Go to shop ask for this part (couple bucks), ask tech to show you where it goes. Swap it out! If you wanna modify yours, use "search" for throttle stop, and read on.

Next stop, Garrett Berg's website.


This will get you started.

On any year WR this stuff is worth its weight in gold. :)

Thanks for the help. I also found a posting after looking through alot of them that made a reference to a web site, that had a good article on the WR450 mods complete with pictures. Very good article. The new throttle stop screw arrived today, so with new stop installed and the stock silencer removed (sounds like a real motorcycle now) what a difference. Now for some different tires to get it hooked up in the Michigan dirt(The front end washed out on me tonight OUCH!!). It,s not my KX500 yet but I think I will sneak up on the power so it doesn't hurt me like th 500 did.

Jet the thing and you'll really smile.

I think the JD kit is the way to go.

oh i thought you drilled your stock jets out?! :)

Ok, OOOOOOOLD post. Need pics and any info on throttle stop screw and accelerator pump mod.



Also, if you search Keihin FCR on YouTube there are a couple of really good videos that show you how to do this stuff.

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