Talk me into a '99 wr400

210#'s, 6'0"

been riding a '02 xr650l for the past 2 years. bought that because i wanted something to hit the trails on that i have on my commute home. realized i spend alot more time on the trails, than the slab. looking to downsize to ditch some weight and have something a LOT more comfortable on moderately tight single-track. mostly fist sized rocky terrain.

'99 wr400f popped up this morning for $1500

new tires/chain/sprockets. timing chain and top-end re-built 12 months ago.

bike sounds great, but being 12 years old gives me some concerns.

what should i look out for on this? i've been a honda guy my entire life.

does that price sound reasonable?


Welp man, I bought a 99 a year ago. I love it. I've had no engine problems needs minor carb tuning. but it's great. lots of power. i have mine tagged and it's definitely quick. Check the obvious things. Idk typical problems to look for yet cause i haven't had any major ones. As long as it looks like its been rode well and taken care of 1500 sounds pretty good.

Add the price of new springs, too.

It's been a few weks. Did the OP buy the 99?

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