which YZ service kit fits '00 WR400f shock

I am wanting to buy a Kayaba service kit for my '00 WR400f, but on the catalog and here on the TT store there is not a reference for this model. Only for the newest WR's and all of the YZ's.

Here is the Kyb. catalog:


maybe I should had posted this thread on the suspension forum

What are you trying to do, your forks, your shock, or both? Maniac

Ooops! Now I see that your trying to do your shock. When I talked to MX-Tech a couple of years ago, I told them that I had an extra '02 426 shock laying around and I asked them if it would work on the newer 450. They said that Yamaha rarely changes anything but valving so that yes, it would fit. So my guess would be that you could use almost any kit. I know, not real definative, but maybe someone else will chime in and help. Good luck. Maniac

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