light keep blowing on my wr400

Hi, Is there anyway to stop my lights from blowing i am sick of getting new builbs for it.


I think you may have a faulty regulator - or it could be just a corroded wire connector to the regulator.

I've abused my 400 for a couple of years - many 'offs' & hard knocks with no bulb failures, apart from tail lamp - I made an LED light unit for it which works well & has given no trouble at all. Headlamp bulb is still original one.

I wish the big end had lasted as long!

Hope this helps - Don.

I'd have to say its your voltage regulator also. I think its mounted right near the stearing stem. Its a silver box about 1" square. Check to see if it is properly grounded ie corrosion. If thats not the problem maybe the regulator is toast.

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