Top triple clamp nut tightening method

How tight are you guys torqueing the nut?

Also, do you let the bottom clamp hit the stops when tightening?

I have tried and tried, but by the time I torque the nut on the top tree to spec (while allowing the bottom tree to hit the stop), my front end is tweaked out of alignment.

I have tried this many different ways, with the lower fork bolts tight and the uppers loose / or just snug, and reverse, ect., ect....

What is the best way to get accurate alignment?????

Since the upper and lower trees are not keyed together it seems to me that the only way to keep the top and bottom from turning out of alignment is to prevent the lower tree from making contact with the stop, while tightening the nut on the top tree. I can barely get to 60 ft/lbs this way.

What's up with this??? Thanks for any help - I am tired of not being able to flow through turns - and having to steer crooked to go straight

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Put the fork tubes back in the clamps first.

Lower pinch bolts torqued, top ones all loose, let lower clamp butt against steering stop. This always works for me.

You should have a washer between the top nut and top clamp.

Hick - I have tightened the front end that way before - but I'll try it again - thanks. Since I have 7 bikes, we'll assume I know that all componentry must be, and are present. I can see where the washer would allow the nut to spin & tighten while preventing turning independently the top tree.

Are you tightening to 115 ft/lbs??????? Seems excessive to me.

Crash - what fork tubes ?????????????????

Forget the 115 ft/lbs! That is definitely excessive, and no doubt a lawyer spec. 80 ft/lbs is plenty. I just use my breaker bar, and pull about as hard as I can, without spinning the bike around.

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