:) MY hot start mechanism on top of the carb came off. The spring and cylindrical peice fell out. There was nothing I could do. So I just screwed the plastic piece in and rode. The bike ran fine but I didnt know if this is bad to run it without the pieces. Is it going to make it run too lean? Any help would be great. Also, if anyone happens to have a picture of what the contraption should look like? DO I really even need it or can I leave it the way it is? It runs great right now. Im confused???? Thanks, D :D :D

I think the spring that fell out probably helps the mechanism (from out/on) back to its normal position (in/off). That's why your bike is still running fine. Your bike should run good until you need the hot start.I would fix it as soon as possible, it is suposed to be there and in working order.

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