85 XL600

Is this bike too large/heavy for the woods?

Im 1.80cm 90kg.

And this is my first bike, never drived a bike before.

And if u got some tips for me, to get the bike more easy

to drive, please give it to me.

I had one of those. Had mine up to 115 mph on a downhill stretch of freeway once, fastest I've gone on a bike.. went one tooth larger on the front sprocket for freeway, one tooth smaller for dirt. Put knobbies and stiffer springs and White Bros exhaust and unbolt the heavy junk and ride it. Throwing that weight around will make you stronger. Oh, and raise the fork tubes up 1/2 inch in triple clamps.

These are good, decent bikes. A friend of mine has an '86 XL600 in great original shape with 5k miles on it. Not a scratch on it, and it runs perfectly.

The plus side to this older model is, lower seat ht., short wheelbase for quick handling, a super reliable engine if maintained right, and decent power which won't scare anyone.

I think the '85 was red, not sure. The '86 is red, white, and blue. Both models have dual carbs, which can be a slight annoyance at times, but works pretty well overall. You can feel the kick when the second carb comes in.

These bikes work great in tight trails in part because of the short wheelbase and short seat ht. The weight is well within limits, there is no emissions junk, and they are quiet. It's a great old bike for dual sport riding.

I would suggest, that if you take the carbs off, do so by unbolting the front manifold boot from the cylinder, leaving it attached to the carbs as you remove them. It's easier that way. Still a pain, but easier. Clean both carbs completely. Also, adjust the valve lash if it hasn't been done in a while.

This is not a bad wood bike. Of course tight technical sections are to avoid but logging roads are just fine. Try to avoid jumping the bike because its own weight is too much for the suspension. I once cleared a 20 feet long jump ( probably something like 4 feet high )on a 86 XL600 :D and both front and rear suspensions bottomed hardly.:). At that time I was weighing nothing more than 130-140 pounds.

This bike was a little hard to start but was very fun and comfortable for long rides.

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