07 yz450f sputtering shavings or dirt in oil filter.

The past two rides i have been having issues with my bike. After the first of the two rides while changing my oil filter during an oil change found pieces of what looked like dirt. and some metal pieces. Im usually really good with changing my oil, change it after every other ride. During the second ride the bike started to sputter and felt bogged down as i was riding so i went back and dabbed off any excess oil on my air filter. it seemed to improve it a bit but it still did it every now and again. Basically as im riding the exhause pops and cracks when i let off the throddle.It def doesnt sound normal to me anyway. Along with that as im riding im noticing it hesitates and sputters at times wile going through the gear im in.. I was told it could be tooo much oil on the air filter? And the dirt or metal shavings im finding could be my clutch basket. Plese help me with my situation i am dreading it being something huge and expensive. Thank you!:)

I would start with thoroughly cleaning the air filter and re-oiling with maybe a little less oil. Adjust the idle mixture screw and make sure you have good gas. It may be time to give your carb a good cleaning as well. As for the exhaust pop, if it has not done it all along I would be looking for an exhaust leak, particularly where the head pipe meets the tail pipe.

It is possible you have something more happening, but start with the easy stuff and then get worried. :) How big are the "chunks" you are finding?

The bits of metal im finding are pretty small I changed the oil twice after I found out in the oil filter. After the third change I found some but not near as much as the first time. I'm cleaning the car ASAP. I will keep you updated. I was also wondering if it could be my jets causing the prob with sputter. Thank you ill get back to you after the carb cleaning and hopefully it helps!

Unfortunately, after cleaning the carb its stil sputtering. I'm guessing its the jetting or it needs a valve adjustment.

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