What Pipes fit the 1998 WR400

Can someone tell me what year pipes /models were the same. For example, will a different year YZF pipe fit on a 1998 WR400. I'm trying to find a stock muffler to make a bike quieter.


I had the same problem with the bike i bought ,it came with a yosh full exhaust...way too noisy so i put back the stock steel cannister. I have read that you can put a stock yz 426 or maybe 450 can and it will fit.what is your jetting spec and is your idlle ok

YZ and WR from 98 thru 02 will bolt right up. A stock YZ pipe with a Pro Moto Billet Sparky end cap and quiet insert will give noticeable performance improvement with a nice, reasonably quiet exhaust tome and will be off road legal where spark arrestors are required.

Several slip ons for 03-06 (steel framed) 450s have been reported to either bolt on or fit with some minor mods (spacers, slotting a hole), but your best bet is if you find one to search here on TT to see what success folks have had. To get a more complete result, search fit on YZ400/426 as well as WR400/426.

I put on a stock yzf exhaust from a 426 on my old 98 wr and could not believe the performance increase over the stock boat anchor. I would think the steel frame 450 exhausts would all fit but don't quote me on that (03 to 05).

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