ESPN (again)


This is a copy of the letter I just sent on the link you provided:

To whom it may concern,

This week it's the NHL Draft. Last time it was Women's college softball. The time before that.....

When will it end. Why must I wait two weeks to see an AMA Motocross event in the first place and then have it pre-empted by Women's college softball. Are there really more fans of this sport than motocross?

Another thing, I noticed today that the motocross race was carefully edited to fit into a 1 hour and fifteen minute format, yet the Mother's car care whatever show was played in its entirety. ESPN2 botched the Glen Helen event so badly that the only people that got to see that round were the ones that happened across it accidently on a Sunday afternoon or something. Why even take on AMA Motocross if you're not going to play it so that your target audience will know when to watch it? I'm becoming a bigger fan of Speedvision every least they play what they say they're gonna play when they say they're gonna play it!

Gravely disappointed,

Stacey A. Weston

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Thumper- that's it exactly, if they showed what they have scheduled it would be fine. It would also be great if they would let the contract go and let speedvision do it, they would do a good job with it. But the problem is when it is scheduled, I think they should show it. It makes it worse when they delay it for something like college softball or grrrrr the NHL Draft! I like hockey, but the draft? They did finally show the race today, in fact they started it about 5 minutes after I posted the message, but like you said the mother's day car show or whatever it was came on right on time afterwards. I noticed that Chevy truckas and Honda were big sponsors, maybe I'll do a little research and post some links to contact them. Probably won't make a difference but I'll feel better. And I can't imagine that moto is a smaller audience than some of the things they are showing now. I just looked at the guide and espn2 is having Sumo wrestling later tonight, man I can't wait hehe...

Well here we go again, the guides say motocross and the espn2 cats think we would rather see the NHL draft... Here's the link to gripe, maybe if enough of us do it they will at least make an effort to explain??

You guys are too stressed over this.

This is why I have no cable - I will pay for cable when I can choose only the stations I want. In the meantime - I'm not paying for POS service and programming.

espn sucks $#@%! i emailed them many times and they did not even reply back ,as far as there conserned they can go to hell. my 2 year old nease could do a better job of programming

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