wr side access air box on my yz

Well after owning a KTM 300 and a WR 450 I decided to tackle converting my 09 YZ 450 to a wr side access air filter. Bought a very slightly used wr subframe, airbox. Used a new wr seat,new wr side panels. I modified the yz rear fender to work. The only subframe modification I had to do was to cut and re-weld the left lower subframe tubing to match up to the yz frame.

Kind of expensive but I really like the ease of the side access.

Any pics? I want to see!

Any pics? I want to see!

Well, got to admit I was going to but don't know how to get pics from my iPhone to this site. Help please???

Photographs need to be hosted on a site such as Photobucket (which is entirely free), then linked to this forum using the img codes (picture icon, or copied from Photobucket). To get them from your phone, e-mail them to yourself if you can't upload them to Photobucket directly.




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NICE,great idea

Almost there. Now to get the picture to display in the post, do one of 3 things:

Open your post for editing and where you see "[url}" and "[/url}", change those tags to read "" and ""


Once you have copied the link to the picture as you did, click the small yellow square icon on the toolbar of the reply/new post window, and paste the url in the field that appears,


At Photobucket, place the cursor over either the picture or the thumbnail in the album and a menu pops up. Click on "img code", and it will copy the correctly tagged url to your clipboard. Then, go back to the post window, click where you want the picture to be, and paste it there.

Another person has a post of him using the yz subframe but it has to be modified more than the wr subframe. As long as you use all wr parts the only mod is the left subframe square tubing where it mounts to the frame. It needs to be shortened and angled as the pic shows. Pretty easy if you have any welding skills.

Used a new wr seat,new wr side panels.
Any issues with the way the seat interfaces with the tank?

I'm assuming the seat was necessary because of a different sub frame hook at the mid point of the pan, yes?

Any issues with the way the seat interfaces with the tank?

I'm assuming the seat was necessary because of a different sub frame hook at the mid point of the pan, yes?

No issues with the seat and tank. One thing that is rather odd is that the wr seat is narrower than the yz where it sits on the tank. We have another stock yz to compare. About a 1/2" narrower. Odd! Really not noticeable unless you compare to a stock yz right next to it.

The wr seat was just easier to use than modifying the stock yz subframe. The wr has the arched bracing that the yz does not have. That would have had to be cut off and welded straight across. The yz sits flat on the subframe. The yz seat also has the flat piece towards the front of the subframe where the seats hooks under where the wr has the raised hooks towards the center. Those would have to be cut off and the flat piece welded towards the front. Just easier to buy a new wr seat. I also modified the yz rear fender to fit. As you can see there are holes just behind the side panels. Not bad looking but I have a wr rear fender ordered to see if it looks cleaner. The wr rear fender will match up to the rear of the side panels and eliminate the holes.

Is this mod cheap. Hell no, unless you can find the wr parts cheap. It's a project for those who like the side access and have the time, money and can't leave well enough alone. Every time I clean my filter from now on, I will be thinking why didn't Yamaha do this from the factory?

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