WR400F Street legal in NY

After searching for months on a way to plate my 99, I found that the good state of vermont likes to hand out new VINs with much much less kicking and screaming than ny (actually only one form with your receipts, unlike ny's 6 or 7 forms plus about 6 months of waiting for stuff in the mail). a Vermont official will even come to you to put the new vin plate on. out of state doesn't matter. does anyone think if I do this NY will take it? They should because the new vin won't be in the system as "offroad use only". Other thoughts or ways of riding on the road?

"off road only" is on the title, which is matched to the VIN.

Assuming you have a new VIN issued, will they also provide you a title to match that VIN? If so, I would assume your just looking at a VIN inspection because you will be plating a out of state vehicle...

Unless you can actually plate it in Vermont... then your just transfering registration and eliminate any possibility of NY saying no.

Well I could just get the new vin and try it with the title in NY, and if they say no (which they shouldn't because there won't be any dredded vin flag anymore) then I could try to register in VT

Just called VT dmv, the lady was very helpful and explained that all you need to do is bring the bike to an inspection station. They will make sure all the bells and whistles are now on the dirtbike and hand you a filled out form, bring that to the dmv and youre good to register. once registered in VT, NY will take it as a transfer. She said that a lot of new yorkers are doing it and out of state is no problem. I would keep the vt plates for the year though to get my money's worth. Ill transfer it to ny next year. then you just need min liability ins.

Ssquared, I did this same thing years ago when I lived in NY. Vermont was very helpful, and I was actually able to do it completely over the internet. Of course, this was a few years ago, so things might have changed since then. But it worked back then anyhow!!! Let us know how it works out for you. Maniac

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