Anyone with a Power Tuner near Flint, MI?

Hey all, looking for anyone that may live near Flint, MI that has a Power Tuner for my 2011 450F. I hit the track over the weekend and really need the bottom end hit eased back a bit, but currently don't have the money to buy a tuner.

I would travel to you with the bike of course, would hopefully be a one time thing. Just want it set to the GYTR slippery track setting.

I DO NOT want a custom mapping. I am sure there are those out there that have improved maps over what YAMAHA offers, but at this time I want to change it to the slippery track condition only due to the recommendations of guys I race with.


Hey buddy, I work at a yamaha shop in St. Johns and we have a brand new one thats only been used by me on my '11.

Bike has about 2 hrs on it, one of which was me trying the "Yamaha" recommended maps. I found it on here and I think I tried the More response map, lighter low end hit map and the smooth response map.

You hitting any tracks or other riding this weekend?

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